Tuesday 29 April 2014

Time - Challenge #16

Many thanks for all the wonderful entries for last week's challenge - being Wheel Fun, from the 12 entries, we had a good selection of wheels,  a skateboard, a truck, a cannon, 3 cars, 3 bicycles and 3 Motorbikes, so a total of six different forms of wheeled items.  I am now going to beg forgiveness, because I have today realised I have added the wrong closing date for the entries,  so the GOOD news is you can enter another project, why not try something that is not a card, the BAD news is I can't announce the winners for Challenge #14 until Thursday this week, so please pop back later in the week.
The challenge this week has been chosen by Jan and is TIME - yes, all about Tick Tock. 
The choices are endless, as long as time itself.  I'm not going to give any hints or tips, the Design Team have again provided wonderful inspiration for you, please do visit their blogs for more details. We all hope you enjoy the challenge, please check the few necessary rules.
Remember - We are a Male orientated challenge blog.
Remember - We cover from the shower party to How Old?
Remember - We accept all forms of created paper crafting.

We'll kick off with 

Thanks to all the Design Team for again providing an assortment of amazing inspiration.
Okay, everyone the clock is ticking,  you have one week to show us your experiments and creations with TIME. 
To enter please click on the In-Links and follow the instructions. 
Have fun, thanks for the recent comments which are appreciated, we would love to enter from more of you, let us know what you think and how we can improve, apart from me getting the dates right to be able to announce winners on time, of course, already noted -- Must Do Better. 

Tuesday 22 April 2014

Challenge # 15 Wheel Fun

I hope you have all had a lovely Easter, with family and friends and not ate too much chocolate. The weather in the UK has been very kind to us, we have enjoyed a beautiful sunny spring weekend, in most parts of the country.  Thanks you for the wonderful entrants for our challenge last week # 14 The Sky's the Limit.  Kim has chosen the Top 3 , congratulations to them.  If you don't already have a winner's badge, please take one from the tab Winner's and Badges just under the main header.

#9 Hazel (Didos)
  love the simplicity and placement of this

# 4  Fabiola 

 such a fun card

 love the bright colours and embossed elements

Many thanks to everyone who took part, you are the makers of the success of the challenge blog, we appreciate your support and do look forward to visiting you.
For this week our challenge was my my choice, most of my family members are males, and yes, most of them throughout time have/are obsessed with anything with wheels, so this is the challenge.....

Challenge #15 - WHEELY FUN

The design team have again created amazing inspiration for you, let's see how they have risen to the challenge.  Being my choice of theme, I get the job to open the Design Team's creations.

To emphasise we are  open to all forms of paper craft and not just cards, I have taken the liberty of adding a scrap book page I made a number of years ago,  the boys are now 18 and 19 yr. old, I don't understand how time goes so fast. 

Thanks to the eight  Design Team who have found five different sets of wheels, we are looking forward to visiting you to see how many varied sets of wheels we have during the next week. Please remember we are a challenge blog for creations suitable for GUYZ whether they be little or big ones. 
Please add your entry by clicking Mr. In Linkz, have fun and thanks for being with us.

Tuesday 15 April 2014

Challenge # 14 The Sky's the Limit

Thanks you to everyone who took part in our Numbers challenge, Diane has chosen the Top 3 winners, please collect your Winner's badge,from the Winner's tab, just below our header. Our thanks to everyone who took part for those who enter our challenges are the people who make the challenge blog, one of the very few remaining, for Male orientated cards, a success. I would also like at this time to thank the number of people who have recently joined as followers, I notice we almost have 100, wow that's amazing, thank you all.
1.  #9 Hazel's Paper Designs

....love the colouring

2.  #6 Onions and Paper
A wonderful stepper card, Love the signs.

3.  #1 Julie B
  The banner is the perfect touch.

Thanks again to the winners and all the entrants. Now what do we have planned for Challenge  # 14?
It is Kim's turn this week to choose the challenge and she has chosen a popular theme, so come on ladies we want to see your imagination and creation taking taking flight, soaring upward and upward for 
We will be looking for birds, owls, planes, Hot Air balloons, balloons, anything which involves the sky.
You are limited only , as usual to remember it must be a project suitable for a Male person of any age. 
Have fun and fly high. As it was Kim's suggestion let us start by displaying her creation, followed by the wonderfully talented design team.

Thanks again to the wonderful design team for their inspiring projects.
To fins out more about the cards they have made, and even more, just click on their names and you will be transported to their own individual web sites. 
Thanks you for visiting us, we do hope your inspired to take part in our challenge.
Please click on the In- Linkz to enter your project to the challenge. 

Tuesday 8 April 2014


We are very sorry and frustrated, we are experiencing a computer problem but are hoping to be able to be back in business later this afternoon, please don't give up on us. Caz

Challenge #13 is NUMBERS

It seems no matter where we are, we all enjoy a good laugh, well, we in the DT, certainly have over the last week, thank you to everyone who took part in Making us Laugh, for our last challenge. It was great fun. Without further ado let me announce the Top 3, in no particular order, which I, Caz, chose. Please ladies, collect your Top 3 badge from our Winner's tab, just under our header, we would greatly appreciate you adding it to your blog, for we are a very young blog, only 3 months old and we need to spread the word, that we are here, making cards for the male persons in our lives.

#5 Caroline KISS

#9 Daen'Ys

#23 Onions and Paper

Once again, congratulations ladies and thanks to everyone who joined in, we hope to see you in our next challenge, well let's see what it is.

Challenge # 13 NUMBERS
Diane, one of our newer members to the DT has chosen Numbers, none of the DT were given any clues or additional information, because Diane wants is to go for whatever comes to mind when we first read the challenge. So, I'm not giving you any clues either. We want you to either go for the obvious, the obscure, the out of the box, whatever comes to your mind BUT of course it must have NUMBERS. Have fun everyone.
Let us see the eclectic assortment from the wonderful DT.

Thanks to the Design team, once again wonderful inspiring projects.
To find out more about the cards click on the DT member's name and go to their blog to see how they made their cards. 
Thank you for visiting us and we do hope you are inspired to join us in this challenge.
Please click on the In Linkz below to enter your card and good luck, we have noticed it can take a minute or so before it appears, please be patient it will work. 

Tuesday 1 April 2014

Challenge ~ 12 - Make Us Laugh

Hello everyone, thank you for stopping by, I hope Mother's Day was an enjoyable day for all those who celebrated. We challenged  you last week to make a project with 'Gone Fishing', thanks to everyone who took the bait and threw in their line, by having a go. Janice set the challenge and has chosen the Top 3, congratulations ladies, please take a Winner's badge from the Winner's Tab just under our header,.

1. #  3  Cards by America
Clever creation - out of the box -meeting the challenge.

2  # 1 Cally
Filling the generation gap, a wonderful fishing card

3. # 2 Shaz
Again, an out of the box interpretation, with humour.
Congratulations to the winners and thanks to everyone who took part in the fun. 

Here we are April 1st, April Fool's Day, so I thought we could have some fun with our next challenge, the challenge I, Caz, am giving you is 'Make Us Laugh'   You can make any project, any medium to be used. ~The challenge being to create something which will add a smile or even a laugh to celebrate April Fool's Day. Please check our rules, most importantly, we are a challenge group for MALE oriented projects, we cover from baby showers to dear old granddads. I would appreciate you keeping your projects in
Good Taste - we do not wish to offend anyone, I would sadly have to remove any unsuitable entries,
Okay,  the Design Team have once again made some fabulous cards which we all hope will inspire you to create. We are still a new challenge group and would love for each of you here to tell your friends about us, we all need male cards, so let's get lots more ideas with more entries. Thanks everyone.

Thanks to the Design team, once again wonderful inspiring projects.
To find out more about the cards click on the DT member's name and go to their blog to see how they made their cards. 
Thank you for visiting us and we do hope you are inspired to join us in this challenge.
Please click on the In Linkz below to enter your card and good luck, we have noticed it can take a minute or so before it appears, please be patient it will work.